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NcSTAR Mini Low-Profile Laser Sight


The NcSTAR Low Profile Tactical Red Laser For Aluminum Rail gives You Excellent oppOrtunities To Track Targets More efficiently And accurately. This Laser Sight By NcSTAR features Aluminum Construction For Durability And Is Fullyimage Adjustable For Elevation And Windage, To Get On Target! The NcSTAR Low Profile Pistol Rail 3A Red Laser Sight Fits Onto Most Full & Mid Size Pistol Rails (Weaver Or Picatinny) And Comes With a Side To Side On/Off Switch. The NcSTAR Low Profile Tactical Aluminum Rai
Out of Stock

NcStar Tactical Green Dot Scope Built In Red Laser


The NcStar Red Dot Sight With Green Illuminated Reticle Has a 3 Rail Weaver Body That Will Allow You To Install Backup Sights. Holographic Weapon Sight Has An Integrated Red Laser That Is Ideal For quickly acquiring Targets.
Out of Stock

NcStar 1X42 B-Style Red Dot Sight / Weaver Base


The NcStar Tactical 1X42 Red Dot Scope Increases Your Accuracy, Response Time And Intuitive Shooting. The Red Dot's Design IncOrpOrates Technology Use By Military units Worldwide On Land, Sea And Even In The Air. This Sighting Mechanism Will Allow You To Keep Both eyes Open And Will See True Independent Of Your Head Position Or Head Movement. This Scope Has Many Of The Tried And True Design InnovatiOns Of Classic Reflex Sights, But engIneeRed To a Present Day Level Of Precision With The Best Mat
Out of Stock

NcStar Red Dot Reflex Sight 4 Different Reticles


The NcStar Red Dot Reflex Sight With 4 Different Reticles (Black) Includes Four Separate options For Shooting Accuracy And using The Rear Selector, You Can Easily Switch Between Four Different Reticles. Using a Safe, Battery-poweRed Red Led Light To Point Where You're aiming, This Tool helps Train Your Eye For Dead-Center Accuracy. The heads Up Display provides Unlimited Eye Relief And Field Of View And Allows You To Control Brightness Via The Seven-Position Rheostat Knob. Built For Durable Long
Out of Stock

NcStar Red & Green Dot Reflex Sight 4 Different Reticles


The NcStar Red & Green Multi Reticle Reflex Sight With 4 Different Reticles (Black) Is Equipped With a 7-Position Rheostat (3 Positions In Each Color) So You Can Set The Brightness Level That Is Right For Your Scenario. With 4 Different Reticles In Each Sight And 3 Different Color Finishes, NcStar defInitely Has What You Need.
Out of Stock

NcStar Tactical Green Dot Sight With Automatic Brightness


The NcStar Tactical Green Dot Sight Is easier To See For Most Shooters, Than The Typical Red Dot Found On Most Of The Micro Red Dot Reflex Sights Found In The Market Place. This Reflex Sight Is a Tubeless Design, Giving The Shooter a Much wider Field Of View. This Allows The Shooter To Acquire Their Targets faster And makes Shooting at Moving Targets easier. The Reflex Sight Has Sensor That detects The Ambient Light Level And Automatically adjusts The Green Dot To a Brightness Level That Is appr
Out of Stock

NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot With Cantilever Weaver Mount


The NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot With Cantilever Weaver Mount Is Powerful Workhorse To Sit On Top Of Your Rifle. Delivering The Maximum Vision Of Your Target Without losing Sight Of Your surroundings, This NcStar Red And Green Dot Sight delivers Unlimited Eye Relief And settings For 5 Brightness Levels On Both The Red And Green Dots. Included With This High Performance Red Dot Sight Is a 30mm Cantilever Mount, Ideal For attaching To Your Favorite Rifle's Weaver-Base Mount. The Red Green Dot DMR
Out of Stock

NcStar Tactical Red/Green/Blue Dot Cantilever Weaver Mount


The NcStar Tactical Red/Green/Blue Dot Sight With Cantilever Weaver Mount Is Made With You In Mind When cOnstructed Of Black anodized Aluminum. The 30mm Cantilever Weaver Style Mount Allows You To Mount Onto Most Weaver Style Or Picatinny Rails. The NcStar Multicolor Dot Sight Has Red, Green And Blue LEDs Which Are 100% Safe For The eyes. To Top It Off There Are Three Brightness settIngs For The Red, Green And Blue Dots. The NcStar Tactical Red Dot Sight Is Just What You Need To Mount On Your Gu
Out of Stock

NcStar Red/Green/Blue Dot/3 Rail Sight Weaver Mount


The NcStar 3 Rail Red/Green/Blue Dot Weapon Sighting System With Weaver Mount Is An advAnced Generation Of Modular Tactical Sighting Systems. This Red Dot Weapon Sight encompasses a Dot Optic That Allows The Shooter To Mount Different Accessories In cOnjunctiOn With The Sight, For Quick And Easy Access. The Three Accessory Rails On The NcStar Dot Optic RGB Weapon Sight permits The Mounting Of a targetIng Laser Or a Tactical Flashlight Directly On The Sight. This NcStar Red Dot Sight Will Fit vir
Out of Stock

NcStar Tactical Red & Green Dot/Combat Reflex Sight


The NcStar 1X42 R/G Dot Reflex Sight Has Integrated Iron Sight. It features Electronic On/Off Switch And Integrated Weaver Side Rail. Allowing a Lot Of Rail Space For a Magnifier Or Backup Iron Sights On The Firearm. The Combat Reflex Sight Is Set at The Proper AR-15 Height To Co-Witness The Dot Reticle With Your Iron Sights. The Optic Height Will Allow a More Comfortable And Natural Cheek Rest On Your AR-15 Stock. There Is a Picatinny Style Rail Mounted To The Left Side Of The Optic For attachi
Out of Stock

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